Monday, April 3, 2006

Been Awhile

I guess, since it's been over a month, it is probably time to update everyone on our lives. We lead pretty boring lives, but I'll share the newsworthy information.

1) Isaac has officially started his time in day care. As of this morning, Virginia went back to work which means Isaac needs to go to daycare. Virginia said this morning that she is doing fine, but i'm sure it hurt a little to leave him. Be praying that she continues to do OK with leaving him each morning.

2) We now have Vonage. In case you have no clue what that is, it allows us to pay $24.95 per month and have unlimited local and long distance AND get rid of our telephone company. The way it works is, we have cable internet. Vonage sends us a phone adapter that connects right to the internet and gives us a dial tone. It's really pretty cool. So, now we'll be able to call people and not have to use a phone card anymore. I'm excited about that.

3) Isaac went to the doctor yesterday because he has an ingrown toe nail on his left big toe. The doctor gave him an antibiotic, which he doesn't like because it tastes bad. Virginia is going to take it to get it flavored today. Be praying that the toe nail heals and doesn't get infected.

4) Opening day for MLB begins today and I am psyched. I am working a half day today so I can head home and watch the Cubs game. I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. It's a tradition for me.

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